9 April 2014 Comments Off on Free Fake Doctor’s Note? It is not advisable!

Free Fake Doctor’s Note? It is not advisable!

You have the option of going for a free fake doctor’s notes or paid fake doctor’s notes. While it may seem logical that you are not going to pay anything for the “free” version, it is important to know that these free notes lack certain features that make them easy giveaways to recipients.

Therefore, you should not stick to free fake detailed pediatric excuses because more often than not they are considered “non-genuine” by the employers to whom they have been submitted to. Some of the easy giveaways of “free” fake doctor’s notes include:

  • Watermarks of the companies stating that the notes are for novelty purposes. These are generalized novelty notes you sure would want to avoid.
  • These notes often come with templates that could be applied in general forms.
  • They don’t usually come with original prints.
  • The markings, logos, graphics, fonts and design of these free templates are mostly non authentic.
  • The signatures, addresses, phone numbers used in most of the free fake doctor’s notes are not verifiable.
  • They could come in blank template that can be filled by users.

There are still other easy giveaways of “free” fake doctor’s notes. You can avoid these types of notes by going for premium or paid versions. The vendors or websites that provide paid fake doctor’s notes ensure that users get copies of medical excuses that would give them value for the amount they have paid.

Paid fake doctor’s notes are easy to verify, they look more authentic, they are easy to customize, they come with original designs and graphics, etc. So, instead of going for free fake doctor’s notes, sacrifice your time and money and stick with premium medical excuses. Go to TourDaWoods.org to learn more, or also check out this page http://www.tourdawoods.org/try-using-a-fake-doctors-note-to-have-your-way-today.

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